MtGox Doubled EUR Withdraw Capabilities

Recently MtGox announced in a Press Release that they have doubled their banking capacity within Europe for outgoing PLN and SEPA transfers. As such the queue has begun to shrink instead of grow (allegedly down to 2-4 weeks, though still many reports exist of people waiting longer).

All in all this is good news, hopefully it will bring MtGox’s price closer to the rest of the exchanges.

There are still no non-manually issued (at 5%) SWIFT Wire transfers going out though. This means if your trying to withdraw USD, GBP, AUD, CAD, etc that you will never receive your wire transfer (well at least at this point there is no news of a new banking situation in progress for SWIFT transfers). So that only option if trading in these currencies is to pay 5% to get a manually initiated wire transfer sent to you. The queue for these 5% withdraws can also be in excess of a month.

MtGox is also experiencing issues with bitcoin withdraws, where withdraws of bitcoin can take hours or even days to initially show up on the blockchain. According to MtGox’s IRC support, this is due to the way in which the transactions are formed by MtGox and they are working on fixing it.

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