BTC-e Makes Press Release regarding Wire Delays

Wire transfer delays

11.12.13 09:03 from admin

Dear participants of the exchange

There is an information published in the press recently, that our exchange has some problems with bank transfers.
We can tell you that we haven’t got any problems with the bank.

In some details, with what wire transfer delays and receipt of transfer are connected.
1. Since the end of November the site traffic has increased 7-fold, it caused an increase of number of tickets and current members of support could not handle such a number of tickets. This caused a delay of answering for 72 hours.
BTC-e team makes an apology.

At the moment the problem with the response handling is being solved by means of adding new staff and optimisation of current processes.
Approximately by early January we are planning to decrease a latency period by 48 hours, and by 24 in February. (This does not apply to the tickets of the risk group – hacks of accounts, in this case the response time is 1 minute)

2. Money transfer delay is connected with the incorrect indication of details – Example: Details of Payment: FFC ACC.9311.23440 ACC ID S______E.
If you indicated the note incorrect while transfering money, you need to create a ticket at and send complete data of your wire transfer. It’s desirable to make a screen and send documents proving your identity.

Also there are a lot of questions what Money Hold is.
Due to the large number of fraudulent transfers in electronic systems and in wire transfers, each transfer is set with the different types of Money Hold.

1. Money Hold 1440 minutes (24 hours) is set to deposits from e-purses with a high fraud activity.
2. Money Hold 43200 (1 month) is set to the wire transfers. It’s set due to the fact that bank demands to confirm an identity of the sender of wire transfer. For the removal of the hold it’s necessary to provide the following information via the ticket system:
– Scanned copy of your passport
– Bank statement or utility bill

1.Currency withdrawals in USD, EUR, RUR, and from MetaTrader 4 are processed 5 days a week during normal business hours.
2. Penalty sanctions are introduced for wire transfers sent with the wrong payment details – Example: Details of Payment: FFC ACC.9311.23440 ACC ID S______E.
The penalty will be $ 50 from each transfer.

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