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Location: England, UK (Offices in Slovenia)



Fee % 30 days USD volume
0.50% < $500
0.48% < $1,000
0.46% < $2,000
0.44% < $4,000
0.42% < $6,500
0.40% < $10,000
0.38% < $15,000
0.36% < $20,000
0.34% < $25,000
0.32% < $37,500
0.30% < $50,000
0.28% < $62,500
0.26% < $75,000
0.24% < $100,000
0.22% < $150,000
0.20% > $150,000


International Bank: Deposit 0.1% fee (min fee= $15)…Withdraw 0.09% Fee (min fee=$15).
SEPA: Deposit No Fee…Withdraw No Fee.

Currency Pairs: BTC/USD


BitStamp has been around for a while now. They are even days when its volume exceed MtGox’s USD volume, though not a majority of the time.

When MtGox started having withdraw delays, BitStamp stepped upto the plate, providing speedy deposits and withdraws. Wires from US banks can even be credited to BitStamp the same day they are sent, a service you won’t find many other places.

Their trade engine is quick and website easy enough to use (a CSS nightmare though). No advanced order features are available beyond limit orders.

Support at BitStamp is quick to reply and speak good enough english.


BitStamp uses UniCredit bank in Slovenia for it’s deposits. USD deposits from the US are routinely credited the same day they are sent (just be sure to send early in the day). The process may even be automated. Deposits in any currency other than USD will be converted upon reception to USD. Their conversion is not very good, about 100 pip’s off the real rate.

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  1. Many rumors on bitcointalk of delayed wire transfers from bitstamp. They have really increased their trade volume recently along with the increasing price of bitcoin this could really be taxing their banking relationship. I still consider them to be a very honest exchange, but do note that there is the possibility of significant withdraw delays.

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