Location: USA


  • Trading:

0.55% for non-margin trades.

  • Deposit/Withdraw:

Deposit via Dwolla, Money Order, or Personal Check – Free.

Withdraw Via Dwolla ($0), ACH to Bank ($2), USPS Money Order ($20), Domestic Wire ($20), International Wire ($35).

Currency Pairs: BTC/USD


CampBX is a distant third exchange to MtGox and BitStamp when it comes to BTC/USD volume, but they have been around for a while. CampBX allows Dwolla deposits, but will lock your account from withdrawing BTC for 30 days from the time of your first Dwolla deposit.

Their interface is not quick to use, order entry takes way more clicks than it should. The trade engine itself seems to work well enough. The sites speed saw much improvement early summer 2013.

Eventually they aim to offer margin trading, the engine already supports it, but they haven’t enabled it yet.

Getting money into and out of CampBx is very easy for americans as you can send a money order of personal check.

I’ve never had any issues with this exchange in the past, though they can sometimes be a bit slow to credit deposits.


Banking Information:

Deposits are usually credited within a few days of reception, though there are reports of money orders taking around a week. Dwolla deposits are instant, though you’re ability to withdraw BTC will be locked for a month after your first Dwolla deposit as an anti-fraud measure.

4 thoughts on “CampBX

  1. Sent a check to CampBX on the 13th, my Bank notified me today that it had cleared, but still not showing the deposit on my CampBX.

  2. Just an update on CampBx, I’ve sent them a few more checks since my last posting here. Everything works fine with them, they just hold the checks forever to make sure there’s no returned check problems.

    Normally they will hold the check for approximately 14 business days. I know it says less on their deposit screen, but I’ve tested this personally multiple times.

  3. CamP BX have been using false marketing techniques to attract customers. They have been deceiving customers saying that they are actually based in Georgia. However there is no CampBX Office, 13010 Morris Rd Alpharetta, GA. They claim that they platform is fully secure, However, a simple McAfee site check shows a risk factor of 60%, which is not a good one for users who are investing their money. Would advice people to not risk their time & money with these misleading guys. Seriously!!

    • So far I’ve been using them for months without issue, I think the address listed is just a mail drop location. Thanks for the comment though 🙂

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