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Bitcoin Charting Services

My favorite charting services: provides an excellent Market Overview by currency (for example here’s all the USD exchanges listed). The updates have always lagged a little bit for me, so the flashes are never ‘on time’ but other than that I use this site alot to check prices. Free. is a subscription service supporting a variety of real time charts that are live updated from multiple exchanges. I have been using this site for months and keep it open on a monitor nearly 24/7.


btckan has an overview of all the Chinese markets. Use Google Translate to decipher what exactly is going on. Similar to bitcoincharts/markets but for the Chinese markets. This is a great reference for checking arbitrage opportunities. With a free account on the site, it will auto-refresh and optionally only display prices in USD instead of CNY.


Coined is a Real-time Bitcoin Arbitrage table that takes market depth into account. I like the clean, slick interface. Includes 3 or 4 interfaces (including BTCChina).


This website shows a nice breakdown of the cryptocurrency exchanges by volume. shows the current market depth for MtGox (both orderbook and graphical representation), as well as quotes from the other top 3 markets (bitstamp, btc-e, and campbx). Free.


TradingView provides all sorts of charting services for various markets. They recently added Bitcoin (MtGox) to their list of available currencies. TradingView also allows for easy sharing of ideas with charts. The basic version is free, but they also offer more premium features at a small monthly cost.


Other Charting Services (either not favorites, or not yet tested).


Alt-Coin Market Capitalizations:

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