Useful Bitcoin Projects

Useful bitcoin related projects provides two great services. First they offer a block explorer so that you can check the status of sent/received transactions as well as the balance of bitcoin addresses. Just enter any address into the search box at to see how this works.

Secondly they offer a free web based wallet service. I recommend their web wallet as many people use it and transactions between wallets will be instant. They also have an iPhone and Android application to make sending and receiving bitcoins on the go quick and easy. I don’t recommend keeping large amounts of bitcoins in an online wallet, rather just a few for everyday stuff.

BitcoinTalk++ Script (Link @ BitcoinTalk)


eBay with bitcoins

KeePass (or KeePassX if you use a mac)

KeePass is a multi-platform, free, open source, small, easy to use password safe. I use it in combination with DropBox to keep my password database sync’d across all of my computers as well as mobile devices. I’ve been using KeePass for years and highly recommend it. Part of Bitcoin Best Practices includes having a different password for each website you use, this utility facilitates that.

Web SiteBitcoinTalk.

Keep track of different currencies on different sites to keep track of totals and such. Aggregates data from multiple exchanges all into one place.

OSX MenuBar App – Multi-Currency BTC/LTC Ticker

This is just a little App that sites in your menubar (OSX only) that displays the current bitcoin and litecoin prices. When you click on the ticker, it displays additional, user configureable quotes.

multi-currency menubar app


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